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Oil Change

Important information about oil changes


oil change, boise, idaho, meridian As car technologies evolve, finding more specific products to meet the vehicle demands can become a challenge.  However, Valvoline Daily Protection Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is designed to exceed industry standards for wear, deposit and sludge protection. Our exclusive formulation provides added protection against motor oil breakdown, and with a higher degree of viscosity retention and integrity, it provides optimal performance mile after and mile. Valvoline invented motor oil 150 years ago, and we’ve been reinventing it ever since. Keep your engine running like new with Valvoline Daily Protection synthetic blend.

Valvoline Daily Protection Synthetic Blend Motor Oil does come with all the innovation that Valvoline affords to products, and this includes the use of detergents that reduce engine sludge and aid in removing existing debris.  Along with this positive outcome, oil grades 5W-20, 5W-30, and 10W-30 have all shown significant improvements in gas mileage.  This is due to the stable friction reduction that the oil provides in the engine, and this also further reduces wear on engine parts.

Environmental Considerations

One of the bigger concerns that drivers can also have regarding their engines is the impact of temperature on function.  Valvoline Daily Protection Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is able to handle a range of temperatures, which also makes it ideal for vehicles in any environment, and with any type of fuel system.

•    High temperature protection - the oil is able to handle high extremes of engine conditions without breakdown
•    Low temperature protection - cooler temperatures will not increase viscosity, meaning that there is less wear with an easier engine start-up
•    High detergency - additives reduce and remove sludge, which can extend engine life in dry and dusty environments
•    Turbo rated - the oil is in compliance with all the requirements needed to protect parts for the turbo configuration
•    Increased fuel economy - this applies to any type of fuel system and further supports facilitating engine function for a longer life

Each of these factors addresses the many situations that people find themselves driving in, and Valvoline Daily Protection Motor Oil is also able to accommodate these differences, while still offering the engine stability in function. Visit your local Boise or Treasure Valley Point S for your oil change today!

oil change, boise, idaho While diesel fuels are commonly used in trucks and larger vehicles that require more power, many personal cars also use this fuel source, as diesel engines do have a lot of benefits.  Primarily, residential drivers are beginning to look at diesel engines because there is a much greater fuel economy as compared to petrol powered cars.  Along with the higher torque ratios that can both give more power and consume less fuel over greater distances, these factors make diesel engines attractive to many people.

Unfortunately, there is a fairly large drawback to diesel, and that is the fact that it has higher emissions which also need to be regulated more closely.  However, regular maintenance and the right motor oil can greatly reduce the concern over this problem.

Keeping Combustion Clean

In order to combat some of the emissions issues, different diesel engines will come equipped with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF).  These features do make a significant impact on emissions, but it is still the manner in which the fuel burns that will most dictate the extent of the exhaust.  Using specially formulated oils will facilitate combustion, and this is one way that emissions are lowered.

Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil is approved for use with EGR and DPF, and further provides engine protection and emissions control benefits.  One of the biggest features is the dispersive polymer technology, which both maintains a constant viscosity and traps soot and other debris that can impact emissions. This not only addresses the exhaust concern, but also protects the engine for a cold start.

Further wear protection comes through the oil formulation as it also reduces soot that can impact oil filters.  In this manner, torque ratios are maintained so that higher power can be achieved with less fuel burn and engine wear.  Finally, higher TBN levels and retention equals a longer functional lifetime for the engine that will be well within chemical standards for emissions.

Oil Change, Boise, Idaho Although trends in leasing and trading up through each new model year do persist, most people are interested in an automobile that is able to have a long and strong life that also promotes the safety of the passengers.  For this reason, many individuals will take the time to invest in regular maintenance that promotes engine capacity and life.

Older engines are still highly functional but they do require some extra attention once they reach a certain mileage.  Vehicles that are over 75,000 miles begin to succumb to issues from friction, wear, and the buildup of debris.  However, using the right motor oil can alleviate many of these issues and can also provide extra protection to moving parts in order to further enhance the life of the engine.

Valvoline Synthetic Blend High Mileage Motor Oil with MaxLife Technology is proven to maximize engine life in vehicles with over 75,000 miles. Their proprietary formula is a combination of synthetic and premium conventional oils to protect your high-mileage motor against wear, friction, heat, and deposits – the four major causes of engine breakdown. Their premium seal conditioners rejuvenate aging seals to prevent leaks. (Say goodbye to oil spots on your driveway.) It also fights sludge, corrosion and rust that can rob your engine of horsepower and fuel efficiency. And it can help curb contaminants to keep high-mileage engines from burning and consuming oil.

Valvoline Synthetic Blend High Mileage Motor Oil with MaxLife Technology is the world’s first high mileage motor oil from America’s original motor oil brand – proven to maximize engine life. It's one of the synthetic oils that are specifically designed to meet these older engine concerns. Along with providing superior performance through buffering and lubrication, this oil also helps in actually slowing the oxidation that can corrode parts and lead to further debris in the engine.  Although this benefit alone is a pertinent factor for older vehicles, VValvoline Synthetic Blend High Mileage Motor Oil with MaxLife Technology also:  

•    Aids in conditioning the engine seals
•    Lowers the actual oil consumption
•    Facilitates stronger power outputs
•    Halts the formation of deposits
•    Minimizes the impacts of thermal breakdown

While these aspects are all positive for the overall performance of the engine, additives including detergents, dispersants, and anti-wear agents all provide further protection for aging engine parts.

It is important for people to remember that part of the reason their vehicle has even reached 75,000 miles is due to the fact that they have shown the engine the care and maintenance needed.  As an engine gets older, its needs will be different, and it is important to still adhere to service routines that will continue to benefit engine longevity.


oil change  boise idahoTaking care of your engine is really the most important aspect of maintaining your car.  This can apply to the everyday vehicle that you rely on for work and errands, or it can apply to a classic that you restored in your free time.  Although the engine requirements for a restored vehicle may be quite different than an everyday car, high mileage can still create friction and pressure simply due to wear.

Valvoline Full Synthetic High Mileage Motor Oil with MaxLife Technology provides an ideal solution for classic or everyday models that are beginning to rise in mileage.  Although this full synthetic formulation is specifically designed for engines that are at 75,000 miles or higher, it can still benefit lower mileage vehicles by enhancing performance and ensuring a longer life.

The fully synthetic oil incorporates stabilizers that aid in preventing the loss of viscosity, and this alone can be a great benefit to engine performance.  With stable lubrication and buffers for friction, there is less wear on the engine parts, but also a greater ability to produce power through unobstructed movement. While this is significant in the present tense, it also means that engines are required to work less in order to provide the same efficiency, and this also promotes longer life.

Further, the use of Valvoline Full Synthetic High Mileage Motor Oil with MaxLife Technology promotes longevity and helps older engines to function more optimally. 


This includes:

•    Cleaning agents to reduce sludge
•    Anti-oxidants to prevent rusting and friction
•    Thermal stabilizers to maintain consistent internal temperatures
•    Seal conditioners to prevent oil and engine leaks

 All of these points can not only make a significant difference with vehicles that have already hit 75,000 miles, but it can also be an asset to cars that are rapidly approaching that engine age.  Ideally, continued care that meets the needs of the engine will also lead to a car that can become nearly ageless.

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